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Author Topic: Town House, Modular MOC for Chesterfield Train day  (Read 376 times)


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Town House, Modular MOC for Chesterfield Train day
« on: March 21, 2017, 05:41:43 PM »

I'm continuing to work on adding more non-retail stock modulars for train-day style events.  This is a town house modular I built over the weekend, and 'finished' today.

There are three modules.  The roof, the second floor, and the first floor.

The doorway and foundation are similar to the petshop apartment, but the height is about even with the detectives office.

I need to pick up one of the Disney Junior Ariels Grotto set for another pair of chrome gold window panes.  I'm using brown in the upper right window at the moment.

The doorway medallion is from an elves set, and there is a bunny hiding in the garden.

Modular LEGO Light Posts are $5 each so eff that mess.  I made my own.

The second floor has a balcony in back, with sliding doors.  (Two door frames hung on a double wide plate with door rails.)

I usually start larger builds with lego digital designer, but this one was free built after I pulled almost all of my white, chrome gold, and dark green parts down from the shelf.  What a mess!